Man en Paard mobilises the potential of people resulting in organisations that achieve more. We have a lot of experience in change management processes, team development and coaching. We focus on people and organisations that want to take the next step in their development, but realise they need more than good intentions and willpower to make the change actually happen.

'Man en paard noemen' (literally 'to name man and horse') is the Dutch equivalent of 'to call a spade a spade'. We are honest, open and direct. We provide the breakthrough!.

Hybrid working

We have a preference for meeting live. In the meantime we've grown accustomed to online meetings and will probably keep doing that, at least partially. Dealing with content and procedure has been proven to be very effective, but the subtle exchange of interaction and emotions is difficult, online even more than face to face. To prevent the accumulation of communication problems it's important to find ways to remedy that. Insights Discovery helps to recognise behaviour and (stress) patterns and provides you with a language to bring these up for discussion. You'll be able to build better relationships, manage and supervise more effectively and improve the collaboration in your team, also online. You and your organisation will perform better.

What we do

Our work varies from short interventions in the form of work sessions with teams and individual coaching of employees and managers, to organising and supervising complex organisational development processes. We want teams to be more successful, organisations more effective and people to experience meaning and happiness in their work. Our approach is often customised. We design the process in line with the day-to-day practice of people and that proves successful in taking them to the next level!

Colourful plans
Change processes

Change is like a good story, with content ánd 'dramatic' suspense. On that principle we design and supervise change management processes and help managers to lead these effectively.


Team makes plan
Team development

The strength of a team lies in the differences between people. The challenge is how you deal with them, on 'good' and 'bad' days. We guide teams in every phase of their development.



Limiting beliefs and undigested emotions make it almost impossible to fulfil your dreams. Individual coaching helps you to see and break through your impasses so you can move on.


Insights colourful cards
Insights Discovery

Development starts with self-insight. The Insights Discovery profile is a practical instrument for insight in your personal preferences. The colour language makes communication easy.


Our approach

We focus on what you want to achieve personally, with your team or organisation and translate those ambitions into a specific change strategy. This is the logical, conscious side of the process, that often triggers enthusiasm, the upper current. What prevents people to actually bring about change is an under current proces, and much more elusive. We encourage you to look at upper current ánd under current. By uncovering and addressing unconscious patterns, we mobilise your potential and thus enable change.

In the hustle and bustle that characterises our daily perspective, you can only solve the issues you run into in a way you already know. Under the stress of day-to-day affairs our learning abilities are low. With our approach we organise moments of 'slow time' to reflect and learn. With time to process insights, change will be more durable. If necessary we make use of space outside the work environment to stimulate another perspective.

About us

Man en Paard consists of Paul Roks and Marja Heuvelman. We know how to connect to people and their issues, and bring focus and clarity. The long-time experience of Paul in designing change management processes and the ability of Marja to address mental blocks and illusions, make us a strong combination of both upper and under current.

Paul Roks

Paul Roks

Organisation consultant

"Enthusiasm, keen perception and a strongly personal approach are my characteristics. I know how to specify the essence of what's going on regarding content and the human factor involved. The situation itself is rarely the problem, our thoughts about it cause trouble. I help people to see through their patterns and enable them to overcome these. As a result the energy of people will be released and the problem solving abilities of the organisation will increase."

Marja Heuvelman

Marja Heuvelman


"I coach people individually and in teams, often in the context of a change process, in both public and private sector. It's wonderful if the energy in the change process flows freely, but that's rarely the case. What catches my eye are beliefs and illusions, unmentioned, but important issues and ambitions that are not consistent with reality. I de-escalate emotions that create a lot of confusion to manageable proportions. That provides clarity and the space to move on."


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What we can do for you right now

Change processes and team development will be customised, contact us.


€ 0,00

price excluding VAT

  • in person or
  • (video)calling
  • to analyse your question

Insights Discovery

€ 495,00

price excluding VAT

  • digital profile
  • explanation and coaching
  • live or online

Team workshop
Colourful Insight

€ 395,00 *

price excluding VAT

  • Insights Discovery profile/team wheel
  • a live 4 hour workshop or
  • 2 interactive webinars of 2 hours


€ 1995,00

price excluding VAT

  • 6 sessions of 2 hours
  • live, possibly online
  • Insights Discovery profile

* price from, per team member, with a minimum of 5 team members.

  • "Paul is a committed organisation consultant, who has mastered the art of analysing patterns and behaviour and translating them at team and individual level into a change management process. And recently Marja, as coach, opened up discussions during our team meeting. Their expertise and guidance really get people moving!"

    Marian Bakker, Director Stichting Ultiem Public Primary Education

  • "I've known Paul for years as a very committed consultant, coach and change manager. He knows how to be close (and thus is part of change). At the same time he can distance himself and, in doing so, see and interpret patterns in organisation and behaviour."

    Jaap Meindersma, Concerndirecteur Duurzame Stad en Leefbaarheid, Municipality of Almere

  • "When executives, program managers, directors, politicians ask me if I know a good coach to share a number of life questions with, I often advise to discuss them with Paul Roks of Man en Paard. Particularly if they have strong personalities, leaders, that have achieved a lot and are analytical and verbally strong."

    Marianne Luyer, Certified Management Consultant, Boardroom Consultant, Managing Director MLI-Intermanagement BV, Partner OnTheGood, Keynotespeaker

  • "Paul coached me when I started as team leader and helped me with a team development program. This program has not only taken the team further, it has also helped me to grow into my role as team leader."

    Femke Doornbos, Manager Youth & Social Support Policy , Municipality of Enschede

  • "I fully recommend working with ‘Man en Paard’ for improved team performance in your day to day job and for better individual decision-making in both your professional and personal life!."

    Danny van Roemburg, IT Manager Security ING